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In-Home Counseling Services

This service is designated for children and adolescents.  Caring Counselors is an in-home provider serving the counties of Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hudson, and Salem through the New Jersey Children's System of Care.  The State of New Jersey offer families limited therapeutic services for children who experience emotional and behavioral difficulties. 

We are happy to service individuals ages 4 - 21. In order to obtain services for your child, you must first contact Performcare at 877-652-7624. You can request Caring Counselors as your child’s home provider.  The process is long.  But, the benefit is that your child may receive in-home therapy from a licensed professional at no charge to you. 

Getting Started With In-Home Services:

  • First, you must call Performcare, the NJ Contracted System Administrator, at 1 (877) 652-7624. 

  • Describe the behavioral, mental, or emotional problems that your child is exhibiting to the Performcare Representative.  You may also request that Caring Counselors, Inc. provide services for your child.

  • Next, Performcare will assess if there is a need for some type of intervention.  Caring Counselors, Inc. is notified if it is determined that your child requires an evaluation.

  • Then, a Licensed Clinician from Caring Counselors, Inc. will contact you to schedule a Psychological Evaluation/Strength and Needs assessment with you and your child.  The evaluation that is completed by the Licensed Clinician determines whether or not in home services are recommended.

  • The Licensed Clinician will complete the evaluation/assessment and submit it to Performcare. 

  • If Performcare approves services, a clinician from Caring Counselors, Inc. will contact you to schedule therapy sessions.


Use the Let's Chat Button or Call 856 269 0019. We are glad to offer assistance.

Who Provides Services To Your Child?

  • Licensed Level Therapists provide counseling and therapy services along with creating a plan to prioritize issues during treatment.

  • Behavioral Assistants target negative behaviors and follow a treatment plan.

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